Our Services

Unlike most wedding organizers, Alonissos Island Weddings does not offer packages.  The island of Alonissos is a wedding package within itself.

We have to begin with the legalities below then, as we are so flexible with our services, you can pick & choose what will suit your day best.

We can arrange your Photographer, DJ or live band, hand made wedding favors & venue decorations.  Hair, Nails & Makeup, wedding bouquets and other floral arrangements, your wedding cake and much much more.

Click on Our Services tabs to see examples of our services or just drop us an email – we will be happy to go through our services with you.

  • Detailed planning, correspondence and organizing with our planner
  • Fees for all legal applications and marriage certificate
  • Witnesses if needed
  • Fees for registrar
  • Booking of dates and/or venue
  • Air conditioned transfer for the bride and groom to and from wedding ceremony location
  • Bottle of champagne