Wedding Favors

Wedding favors or Bombonieres are a tradition at weddings dating back the 16th century.

They are a gift given by the bride & groom to their guests to thank them for attending and witnessing their wedding and to pass on their luck.  It is said that for the single ladies, if they place a single sugared almond under their pillow they will dream of their future husband. 

Each favor contains 5 sugared almonds said to represent Fertility, Health. Wealth, Happiness & Longevity.  They can be simple – a beautiful tulle pouch with a flower tie…. or as elaborate as you want!  Using any materials from flowers, crystal… to silver…. the sky’s the limit!!!

Xrissy, our wedding planner, can make your wedding favors to your choice of design and colours.  She can also suggest designs, colors and styles with you.