We worked with the team at Albedo Travel for our wedding in Alonissos in the summer of 2013. We knew that we wanted to have our wedding somewhere in Northern Greece; Eleni’s family is from Northern Greece and so we wanted to show our guests to a part of Greece that is not often visited by North American tourists (but should be!). We looked into various options, such as Halkidiki, the Pelion Peninsula, Skiathos and Alonissos.

We selected Alonissos after speaking with Xrissy and Kostas and after doing some research on our own.Although neither of us had ever visited the island, we loved the idea of Alonissos because it is a smaller island that does not have the mass tourism that so many other Greek islands have. At the same time, it has beautiful beaches, great food and lots of good hotels. After we talked to Xristina and Kostas via Skype, we knew that Alonissos would be the place—in our first phone call, they described the type of wedding we could have and painted a really magical picture of the island. In that phone call, they showed us how much they both loved Alonissos, and also how confident they were that they could help us have the wedding of our dreams on this little and lovely island.
Once the planning started, Xrissy handled the vast majority of the face-to-face contact. We both thought that Xrissy’s “customer service” was excellent, and we also loved her easy-going manner! It is clear how much she loves her job, and it’s a good thing, because she is very good at it. Over the six months that we planned our wedding, Xrissy became more than a wedding planner—she became a great friend. We had weekly Skype phone calls where we discussed our choices and what we wanted. When Xrissy had to go back to vendors to get information, she was excellent at doing this quickly and at following-up with us soon after. Xrissy was also excellent in helping us prepare the necessary paperwork to get our marriage license. As anyone familiar with Greece knows, there is a lot of paperwork required for any official documentation from the government; and, for a church wedding, the required paperwork varies according to the jurisdiction of the church that you are marrying in. Xrissy’s attention to detail (and multiple visits to the Father Ivraam and the KEP!) helped us make sure that our paperwork was in order. We had absolutely no problems. We cannot even begin to imagine how much time Xrissy saved us by helping with the paperwork; we are so thankful she did!

Upon arriving in Alonissos for the actual wedding, we both knew immediately that we had made the right decision. Patitiri and Old Alonissos were even more beautiful than the pictures on the internet suggested. The locations of the wedding events recommended by Xrissy, Bessie and Kostas (Restaurant Edem, AgiaParaskevi Greek Orthodox Church, Eleonas) were beautiful. Even more so, we were blown away by the hospitality and the generosity of the people of Alonissos. This generosity extended not only to our families and us, but also to all our wedding guests. Approximately 90 of our 150 guests travelled from outside of Greece. Consequently, the majority of our guests spent about a week on the island. They could not stop talking about how beautiful the island was, and how equally wonderful and hospitable the people of Alonissos were.Among other things, our guests got the opportunity to experience Alonissos’ 15 of August celebration (Panagia) in the Old Town and our pre-wedding night dinner, which included roast goat (first time eating goat for many of our guests, including the groom!). All in all, the verdict from our guests, including our guests from Greece, was that we could not have chosen a more wonderful island for our wedding. Many of them told us again and again that they felt that they were visiting the “real” Greece.

In helping us organize the final details prior to the wedding day, Xrissy always made herself available despite her busy schedule at Albedo Travel.At that point, we knew Xrissy so well that we felt like we were planning the last details of our wedding with a good friend! Kostas and Bessie also pitched in to help out, which we very much appreciated. Eleni’s favourite moment was when Xrissy visited her house the night before the wedding and told her “tonight, you give everything to me. I’ve got everything handled; do not think about anything other than having fun from now on”. It was good advice, and one of the best things (in a huge list of things) that Eleni most appreciated about Xrissy’s help!

The day of the wedding was absolutely wonderful, and everything went off pretty much exactly as we’d hoped. Justine, who did Eleni’s hair and makeup, did a beautiful job. The church service in AgiaParaskevi was wonderful, and it was a wonderful surprise that Father Avraam did part of the service in English (so Blair and the rest of our Canadian guests could understand what he was signing up for). We had an amazing time that night at our wedding reception. From our perspective, it was exactly what we wanted: good food and drink and lots of dancing. Our guests still talk about the huge amounts of wonderful food that they were served at the wedding! From our point of view, it was the best food we’d ever had at a wedding. The DJ that Xrissy recommended was excellent. We had made him a list of music, but he put it together in such a way that made sure that everyone, whether Greek or Canadian, young or old, had a great time. The last guests (including us) left our wedding at around 6:30 am. We were lucky enough that Markos stayed up (basically) all night to help us make sure that our guests got home safely and quickly! This is an example of the dedication of the Albedo team. We will forever be thankful to Markos for deciding that our wedding was more important than sleep that night.J

At the end of the night, we agreed that our wedding was the best wedding that either of us had ever been to, and that we have never had more fun—really, that is how it should be! Thanks guys for all your help!

Eleni & Blair

Thank you so much to Xrissy and Albedo Travel for helping to make our wedding day incredible! Xrissy took care of everything including handmade favours, decorations, musicians, and cake for our wedding, helping us relax and enjoy the beautiful island of Alonnissos with our friends and family before the big day. Always available on skype or email Xrissy did all the planning the year leading up to it, while we were in the UK. With local connections, a good eye for detail, and inspired and romantic ideas, Xrissy and the team at Albedo Travel are more than qualified for planning an excellent wedding – Greek style. 

Paul & Megan

I having been holidaying on the island of Alonissos since the age of 9 years old with my family and from then I knew this was where I wanted to get married.

I went on holiday with my now husband Neil to show him the island I’ve been spending my holidays at for many years,  there just off the rocks at the foot of the Paradise hotel Neil proposed to me,  then the most amazing journey to our wedding day started.

Back then, due to the red tape in Greece we decided to have our official signing of papers in the UK and have a blessing on the island. Luckily old friends of ours who visit the island every year agreed (the reverend Martin James) to carry out the blessing for us.

So whilst on holiday we discussed our wedding plans with Xrissy our wedding planner, which was to be held the following year and then all we had to do was look forward to it.

We decided to hold the blessing on the terraces of the Paradise Hotel – followed by champagne and drinks and then travel by boat from Patitiri to the beach of Leftos Gialos where we would have our reception and after party.  We invited 24 guests.

I liaised with Xrissy over the months to put the outline into place; she tentatively arranged the flowers, menu & seating plans, venue décor, photographer & DJ until I arrived on the island before the wedding.  Bessie from the Paradise Hotel and Kostas from Albedo Travel helped our guests with their accommodation requirements & car hire.  Everything was very smooth and laid back and we awaited our big day.

We arrived on the island a week prior to the wedding and we set about choosing food for the wedding breakfast, ordering a cake, I chose flowers for my bouquet and table arrangements. The terrace decorations were to be made especially for the day, all this was organized by Bessie & Xrissy and their contacts without me having to do a thing.

The night before the big day Xrissy had organized dinner and drinks for the men of the party in the port and for the ladies up in the old town.

On the day we couldn’t have wished for a more perfect wedding.  Everything but everything was more magical than we could have imagined.  I had my hair done by a local lady Justine who by chance used to work for a fashion magazine, the dress was on and it was time to go.

The terrace was beautiful, we all were blown away, the boat was amazing, decorated with chilled Champagne and calm beautiful sea.  On arriving at our destination our hosts were fantastic – a beautiful setting. The food was amazing and we danced the night away till the early hours.

I could go on forever and nothing could explain how truly breathtaking our wedding was and I could never imagine getting married anywhere more perfect with the help of such brilliant lovely people.

A very big thank you to Xrissy, Bessie and Kostas (and everyone else who made it possible)


Neil & Katie